Hair Care routine

Looking after my hair is something i have definitely not always been passionate about.

My natural hair- dried naturally using Head & Shoulders products

From a young age, i have had very dark and very curly hair- pretty much tight ringlets. Over time my curls dropped, however my hair just became ridiculously frizzy and uncontrolable- haha.  A lot of the time i just chucked it up in a bun and hoped for the best, or straightened the shit out of it- one of the worst things I could possibly do.

At the start of 2016, I decided I wanted to take place in the Sue Rees Modelling. Having lived in Launceston with my family for all my life, I thought this course would help me build some confidence in order to move to the big city of Melbourne next year by myself. During this course, not only did we learn some basic techniques on modelling and deportment, we had a few units on makeup, skin care and hair care. For the hair care unit, we went to a local salon called Mint Relax Revive, where we were guided by a senior hair stylist and shown basic hair care tips, along with quick up-dos. In this we were told about the benefits of using high-end, salon quality products and the benefits they have on your hair compared to supermarket brands.

After this, I decided I needed to change up my routine and start taking better care of my 13467658_1015760648516569_623746745_olocks. I visited Price Cutters, located in the Brisbane Street mall, and purchased

I like to wash my hair every 2-3 days. I find that if i wash it more than that it becomes quite dry, no matter what products I’m using. It also saves me a lot of time! In between washes, I am OBSESSED with Batiste Dry Shampoo with medium & brunette colour.
When washing my hair i like to shampoo either once or twice, depending on how dirty my hair is and what I’ve been up to that day/day before. I also leave my conditioner on for 3-5 minutes to let it work its magic.

13521686_1015760655183235_361405818_nI pump approximately 8 pumps of the Matrix oil into bottom half of the hair while damp (i do it after i towel dry my hair). On the packaging it says to use 1-2 pumps while shampooing, conditioning or as a finishing treatment. I definitely prefer using at the end of washing my hair care. I found that using 1-2 pumps wasn’t enough to go through my hair, however it will vary for each individual.

The flash blow dry oil is used after the strengthening oil and is in a spray form. The packaging says to spray 2-3 sprays through towel dried hair before blow drying and styling. Not only is this product helping to protect my hair and makes it healthier, it also halves the time spent with the hairdryer. In my opinion, anything that saves time in the morning is a-ok for me. I will never go back to just using a heat protector spray again!

I have found these products to have had a huge impact on the health and appearance of my hair, and I’ve noticed my hair loss to be a lot less.

I have now officially graduated from the school, and gained a credit reward at the graduation, which was the highest possible score. I was extremely overwhelmed with this result, and was asked to continue into a post graduate course to further my modelling.

Later down the track I will do a detailed post about my full experience with the Sue Rees modelling course and go into depth about everything we learnt.

Thank you for reading, talk soon!


Ali xxxx


*please note, all my photos are my own unless otherwise noted. All taken on my iPhone 6 camera


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