How I clean my makeup brushes- step by step tutorial

Lets be honest, makeup brushes are a necessity when it comes to a womans every day makeup look, however very few understand the importance of cleaning these bad boys and believe that only makeup artists take the time of day to give them some TLC.

Over a very short amount of time, brushes collect a huge amount of excess makeup, dirt, oils, dead skin cells and bacteria. If you use dirty brushes on a fresh face, the grime that it has collected will transfer onto your face and cause breakouts and also contaminate your makeup causing some possibly skin infections and conditions… gross.

Not only will cleaning your brushes stop the above problems, it will also lengthen the life span of these costly tools and soften the hairs for a more even and flawless application.

Here are a few steps and tricks I use to clean my brushes. I try to maintain the cleanliness of them as a lot of my brushes are high end and I want to get as long as I can out of them. In order to do this, I try to deep clean them approximately once a week.
To clean your brushes you will need a few things:IMG_5520

  • A detergent of any type (to kill bacteria)

  • Paper towel

  • Oil of any type

  • Warm running water

  • A towel to dry


Step 1:
Run a small amount of lukewarm water in your bathroom sink

Step 2:

Holding downwards, run the brush under the warm water, no further than a few centimeters from the ferrule (the piece that joins the bristles to the wand). If the water
comes any higher than this area, it will interfere with the glue that is holding the brush together and could possibly cause the hairs to fall out and shorten the life span. (my image is a really bad example as the water is up too high… i really struggled washing my brushes while taking pics. lol)



Step 3:
To ensure all the bristles are covered in water, swirl the brush in the bottom of the sink to fully cover it.

Step 4:
Place a small drop of detergent to the inside of your hand. Start to gently swirl the brush in your hand over the detergent, focusing on going over your fingers so you can target different areas of the brush. Once the brush looks covered with soap, turn the tap on and start to rinse all the suds off. If the brush still looks dirty or brown colouring is still coming out of the brush, repeat this step. (Note: a lot of people chose to use shampoo to use their brushes. It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day, and although shampoo does make them smell nice and feel soft, it does not kill bacteria)



Step 5:
Once the brush is as clean as possible, squeeze out as much excess water without being too harsh, and then gently dab the brush on some paper towel to dry. The towel should have no signs, or very little makeup on it.


Step 6:
After disinfecting your brushes, they will have lost a lot of moisture and natural oils that they require. Massaging an oil into the bristles will help bring the life back into your brushes. If you do not have hair oil, use olive or coconut oil. Place a very small amount into your hand and gently massage it in to all your brushes.IMG_5569

Step 7:
To ensure your brushes dry correctly, lay them across a towel on the end of a bench to dry. NEVER put them back in a draw or brush holder while wet or still damp as the water will run down into the handle of the brush and weaken it.


Step 8:
Wait until the brushes are completely dry before using them again. Using brushes wet or damp will affect the makeup application and overall look.


For on the spot cleaning after application or if you can’t fit in time to wash your brushes, head to your local pharmacy and pick up some instant brush cleaner spray. Click here to see the one I use in between washes. I hope this little tutorial has been of help and that it inspires all you girls to go give those filthy brushes some lovin’.


Ali  ♥ xxxxx




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