First week in Melbourne/ Meeting Dani Mansutti

If you’ve been following my personal (@alicemay_) and beauty based Instagram (alimay_beauty), you would have known that within a week of moving to Melbourne to study beauty therapy, I got to meet my fav YouTuber Dani Mansutti. For anyone who doesn’t know who Dani is, she is a 21-year-old English-born girl living in Melbourne Australia. She posts 2 videos to her YouTube channel every week, which usually consists of makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, fashion, lifestyle posts, vlogs, etc. She now has her own store called DaniBeauty, where she sells her own brand of false eyelashes and phone cases. Her lashes are cruelty free which is totally awesome as I’m all about vegan products, and are super duper affordable!!


Dani has got to be the most realistic and gorgeous Youtubers I have come across, and is so honest and genuine in all she posts, which I really admire. Unfortunately Dani suffers from severe anxiety & depression in which she is open about online. Having anxiety myself, I have really connected with her and listening to her background and stories really make me feel at home and better about myself as I feel like no matter how fortunate you are in life, mental illnesses are still as common, and that even those around us who have done so much in their lives still struggle with day to day activities like myself. She posted this video explaining the kind of comments she gets on social media and how even though she has thousands of followers, little single comments really effect her. Its heart breaking to watch, but her message is strong.

When I first found out she was doing her first meet and great at Melbourne Central’s Mecca Maxima, I knew I had to be there. My mum flew over to Melbourne with me from Tasmania to help me move and get settled, and after she left I had a whole week of doing nothing until school started. It was perfect timing. I know it’s so corny, but literally all my dreams were coming true.

I was living in the city I had loved my whole life, I was finally back at school studying something that I had dreamed about but never thought I would make it a career, I had a gorgeous apartment living with 3 amazing people, and I WAS ABOUT TO MEET DANI MANSUTTI! Not only that, but the day after Dani was coming to Mecca, I was going to the Ashy Bines Booty Tour, which was being held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I am also obsessed with Ashy and the message she spreads. But that’s another story. Everything was just awesome and I was so happy.

Friday finally came, although it felt like the longest wait of my life. I knew the meet and greet wasn’t until 6.30pm, but I couldn’t contain my excitement and made my way into the city by 1pm, lol! After living in Launceston Tasmania for 18 years, the excitement of living somewhere with so many shopping malls and cafes was just too exciting, and I easily spent hours upon hours walking my favourite stores, especially Mecca & Sephora.

Ready for the exciting day ahead

By the time it got to 4pm I’d had enough walking around the stores. I had a hand full of bags & I was just so excited for what was about to come. I went over to Mecca where Dani was going to be and started chatting to the girls who worked there and they recommended lining up now cause girls will no doubt start flowing in. They’d had youtubers in Mecca stores around Victoria before and some girls lined up for 3 hours, so I thought why not. I went and got myself a smoothed and sat down. Not going to lie, I definitely got some weird looks sitting in the middle of a shopping centre at the front of a line up of no one, haha! Within 10 minutes, girls started flooding the area, but I was first in line! We all bonded so well because we had the same interest, beauty. Fast forward to 2.5 hours, there she was. The light brown hair, blue eyed, 1.2 million-subscriber gal I had been dying to meet. She was even prettier in person, I couldn’t believe it.


The moment I got to go up on stage and talk to her, I felt frozen and no words came out. I just couldn’t believe I was actually standing in front of her, talking to her, as the first ever person at her first ever meet and greet. WHAT. THE. HELL. I even bought her some of her fav milo cereal because she always talks about how much she LOVES it in her videos here, and she was so happy! We got so many awesome pics together and actually got to chat about things, which I didn’t expect. A lot of meet and greets with that many people only allow you to say hi, take a pic and move on, but not Dani. Honestly this blog does not even come close to describing how amazing it was to meet someone I had looked up to for so long, and was a huge contribution to me deciding to move out of my home state and study beauty.

Lets just take a moment to appreciate these photos shall we.
(pls excuse my horrible excuse for a hair up, it had been a long day)




That night I was on such a high. I felt like I had just had the best week of my life. I don’t think ive had a week this good in a long time. She uploaded an Instagram pic saying how much she loved her day, and I commented, thanking her for being such a huge inspiration and spending so much time with each and every one of us. She replied back to me. Just me. Nobody else. Saying that she fell in love with me, what even! Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better!!


If you ever come across someone who inspires you, do whatever you can to get there and meet him or her. It can really change your perspective on how you view life and knowing that famous people have the same every day issues is really inspirational. Dani, if you ever read this (the chances are low but ya know), you are incredible and have inspired me to be who I am today. & guys, I was even given the cutest Mecca cupcake ever while waiting in line! Check this out!!!

Thanks so much for reading, and please let me know what you thought.

Ali xxx




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