Xmas gift guide- for her

Christmas may seem like ages away, but its literally less than 2 months. To me, saving up for xmas presents is something I have to think about months before to ensure my saving is up to standard, and it kind of puts my retail therapy spending to a holt, haha!

I know a lot of people, especially guys, have a lot of issues around this time of year deciding what to buy their loved ones for that special day.
Well fellas, I’m here to save the day 😉

Ive created this based on what I personally, and my good friends would love to receive, so hopedully this means you aren’t running around on Christmas eve trying to find something. You’re welcome 😉

Glasshouse candles
Price range:
small 60g- $18.95
large 350g- $42.95

You honestly cant go wrong with a candle on christmas day. It’s the ultimate go-to, and your gal will love it!!
Depending on your price range, I would recommend going fo the 350g candle as it is better value for money and lasts a lot longer. Plus the double wick on it makes the smell stronger and last longer.

My favourite flavours are either Taha (vanilla caramel, smells like heaven) or Rio De Jeneiro (passionfruit and lime, smells like a tropical holiday)

These can be purchased from Peter Alexander sleepwear or Glasshouse website.

Bras n Things products

Price range: $10-$100

Bras n Things Cairns central (not my pic)

I used to work at Bras n Things back in Tasmania, and used to LOVE it when boyfriends/partners would come in
searching for a gift for their loved one. I thought it was so super cute that they thought of actually picking out something their girlfriend could wear rather than just the usual gift card. The staff in all Bras n Things stores are super friendly and trained to help everyone find that perfect gift.
Products i would recommend are:

Buy 2 get 1 free underwear– pick something floral and cute that you know she will love. Even if they’re basic, underwear is a girls weakness when it comes to gifts.
PJ set – Bras n Things have the cutest ‘boyfriend’ shirts which are the cutest thing ever! so many different designs and super comfy! Who doesn’t love getting new pyjamas on xmas!!
Bathers– Don’t be scared of getting the wrong size as Bras n Things have an awesome returns policy!! Their new range of swim wear has both basic colours and designs as well as some amazing new cuts.
Bra and underwear set – This can be a bit tricky if you don’t know your gals sizing, however if she is a usual shopper at Bras n Things, the friendly staff  may be able to look her up and see what size she recently got. They also have already paired sets like the one tagged.

Makeup, body & Skin care  

Too Faced Contour set (not my pic)

price range: $4-$250

Heck, if my boyfriend got me makeup for xmas, i would love him forever. 90% of my
friends these days are OBSESSED over latest cosmetics and makeup trends. Here are some of the trending products at the moment the your girl will froth over.

NARS- hot sand laguna duo (contour and highlight set)- $62 from Mecca.
Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit – $59 from Mecca
Awaken Seasalt scrub – $42 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC
Arbonne ‘It’s a long story’ Mascara – $49 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC.
Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury brush set– $138 from Sephora
Arbonne Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème– $33 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC
Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light – $67 from Mecca
Arbonne RE9 Smoothing facial cleanser – $65.50 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC
Sephora collection lip mask – $4 from Sephora Australia
SeaSource detox express pack – $219 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC

price range: $15-$100

Perfumes are a definite go to around this time of year. You can get individual fragrances or gift packs, and they both go down a treat. There are unlimited options depending on what your girl likes. Here are some of my favs that seem to appeal to a lot of my friends and family.


Meow by Katy Perry- 100ml from Chemist Warehouse $18.99
Fantasy by Britney Spears- 100ml from Chemist Warehouse $22.99

Si by Giorgio Armani. Pic by me 

Si by Giorgio Armani – 100ml from Chemist Warehouse $139.99
Kim Kardashian spray- 100ml from Chemist Warehouse $24.00
Angel– 75ml from MYER $175.00
Valentino– 50ml from MYER $95.00
Marc Jacobs Decadence– 30ml from MYER $100
Modern Muse Duet gift set by Estee Lauder from MYER $90.00
Ari by Ariana Grande gift set 5 pack from Priceline $99.00
Marc Jacobs Minature 4 pack by Marc Jacobs online from Priceline $59.00

Hair care
price range: $19-56

Hair care, like makeup, is something that every girl needs. Buying expensive hair care product isn’t something all girls like to buy for themselves, therefore a partner buying it for them is a real treat. These are some of my favs, including one that I have already reviewed in a blog post.

KMS California Blonde Protect Quad set of 4 – $49.95 from Hair Warehouse (BLONDES)
KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry– $31.95 from Hair Warehouse
Hair Revitalizing Masque– $56 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC
Nak Care and Ultimate Treatment Sachet Duo Pack– $19.95 from Hair Warehouse
Matrix Oil Wonders Trio Pack– $38.95 from Hair Warehouse (see my review here)  Moroccanoil Travel Pack– $29.95 from Hair Warehouse
ColorLast Hair Serum– $38 from Alice Holder Arbonne IC

price range: $5-$1000

Tiffany & Co from my beautiful boyfriend on our anniversary

Jewellery, whether its Lovisa or Tiffany & Co is always appreciated. Gals love earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. You usually have the choice of silver, gold, or rose gold. Rose gold is very ‘in’ at the moment, and is a personal fav of mine, however you can never go wrong with silver. Here are some websites to popular jewellery, both higher end and affordable.

Tiffany & Co – $$$
Lovisa -$
Michael Hill -$$$
Angus & Coote-$$
Colette Hayman -$
Michael Kors-$$$



Well there you go, this blog is definitely a bit different to what I’m used to, and definitey took longer to write 😉 Hope you enjoy this and hopefully it helps all those men out there.

Ali xxx



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