How to- basic everyday eyeshadow look

Hey beauty gals!

Today I am going to do a highly requested ‘how to’, which involves using my Too Faced Chocolate bar pallet to achieve a daily eyeshadow look.

I have personally found that creating both an every day and night eyeshadow look has been extremely hard and something I wish to improve on, but a lot of my friends have asked for advice on how to create a basic look.

Here I will show you my daily look, which involves mainly matte shades from my chocolate bar pallet, and a light gold shimmer on the lids.

These are the products you will need:

Too Faced Chocolate bar pallet -Pressed foundation powder- Zoeva 234 luxe smoky shader- Arbonne all over eye-Arbonne shading- Glow Cosmetics crease- Zoeva 266 smudger- Zoeva 228 luxe crease- Arbonne prime and proper eye primer

Firstly, to achieve any eyeshadow look, you need to prime your eyelids. This is something i never used to do and found that it was hard to blend shadows without it. Like using a primer on your face, it creates a soft, even surface to apply product to, and stops it from wearing off throughout the day or creasing. If you don’t want to splurge on an eye primer, using a concealer works just as fine.

After applying the primer to your eye lid and on the brow bone you want to set it. Setting the primer stops the product from sticking to it and makes the surface a lot smoother. Any translucent powder would work well, but i like to use my Arbonne Pressed Powder with just an all over eye brush.

Now for the good stuff,  grab your shadow pallet and let the fun begin! First off, when applying shadow you need to determine what kind of look you’re going for and what colours suit your eye colour and skin tone. I personally go for light browns and golds when doing my shadow as I believe they flatter my skin and eyes the most. If you’re unsure of colours, search for a colour chart online and see which best matches. This look I’m going for today is a very versatile look and I believe anyone could pull it off.

What you now want to do is grab a light shade to put into your crease. You don’t want to start off with anything too harsh as you want to build your way up to the desired look, otherwise it can look too sharp and not right. I like to take ‘salted caramel’, dab my crease brush into it ONCE, tap off the excess and then gently make backwards and forwards motions gliding through my eye crease. Be light handed as your eye area is very delicate. You want the motion to be like windscreen wipers.


Once you are satisfied with that lighter colour, take that same brush and like before, dab it gently into a darker colour. I like to then use ‘milk chocolate’. Apply this in the same area and doing the same motion, backwards and forwards through the crease. When going in with that darker colour, pay extra attention to adding slightly more darkness in the outer corners of your eyes. img_7881

By now you should start to be noticing your crease getting darker. If you find that the colours are too dark, keep blending, preferably with a new or cleaned crease brush. This will stop any excess colour from being applied. Depending on the individual, this amount of product may be enough, but I personally like to go in with a  bit of a darker colour paying extra attention to the outer corner of my eye. I like to take ‘triple fridge’ for this, and only use a very small amount. img_7885

After applying triple fudge, this is how it should be looking.

Now its time for some colour on the lid. I love using ‘Marzipan’, which is a soft shimmery gold which helps lighten my eye. You want to take a soft brush or finger and gently pat that on to the lid, but make sure you don’t go over the crease line.

img_7891Once applying marzipan, take a fresh clean crease/blending brush and blend through your crease. This will stop there from being any drastic lines between the shimmer and crease colours.

What I now like to do it go in with that first colour, ‘salted caramel’ and run some under my lower lash line. This brings the darkness under the eye to make it look more smokey. I then also take ‘triple fudge’ again and run it along my upper lash line with a smudging brush to give the illusion I’m wearing eyeliner.


It is now time to highlight those high areas. I like to take ‘white chocolate’ which is a matte white and place it along the top part of my eye, paying close attention to under my brow bone. I also then go in with ‘champagne truffle’ (the ultimate highlight!) and place it directly under my outer brow and on the inner corners of my eyes. Doing this makes the eye look more awake and the eyebrow look higher and more arched, which is flattering.


Aaaaand that’s the final look done!!! I really hope this has helped any beginners out there or anyone who wants to try out a new basic look with their pallet. This Too Faced pallet can be purchased from Mecca if you’re in Australia. I purchased my Zoeva brushes from Sephora Australia in a set (still yet to do a full review on them), the eye primer, pressed powder, and the Arbonne face brush set are from Alice Holder Arbonne Consultant. These brushes are great to have if you’re starting out with makeup and don’t want to purchase an expensive set. Here are some pics of the final result.

Lots of love,


Ali xxxxxx






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