Leavers Dinner makeup ideas

With the leavers dinners month arising, it’s a tough process to decide on what makeup
look to go for. In collaboration with Makeup by Tahnii, a Launceston Tasmania based MUA, we have decided on some gorgeous looks and tips to help make you stand out on one of the most important nights of your highschooling years.
In this blog post, we will be discussing different tips for doing your makeup at home before your leavers dinner, or what to ask for and consider when seeing a professional.

Tip 1: Knowing the difference between day and night makeup.
Understanding the difference between day and night makeup is vital when it comes to leavers looks. Day makeup is usually seen as a natural, light to medium coverage foundation with brows lightly filled in, mascara, light eye makeup, and a light dust of bronzer to the cheek bones to help contour and give the face a bronzed glow.
Evening makeup is known to be more of a fuller look, focusing on highlighting and contouring different areas of the face to compliment the individuals facial features, while also hiding any imperfections. Evening makeup should also be determined by the lighting that the client is going to be in, for example bright artificial lights dull the appearance of makeup, therefore it should be applied in brighter, more pigmented colours and in fuller amounts. Most common products used for evening looks include colour correcting concealers, medium to full coverage foundation, highlighting concealer, setting powder, bronzer, highlighter, blush, contouring eye shadow and bright eyeshadows, eye liner, mascara, eye liner, eyebrow powder/pomade, false eyelashes, lip liner and lipstick. As you can see, an evening face requires more products than a day makeup look.

Tip 2: Chose a foundation that compliments your skin type.
For a night look, you’re going to want a buildable medium to full coverage foundation. This terminology means that the foundation covers a large majority of imperfections sometimes found on the face, and it looks like a fresh layer of skin. It also makes skin tone even, and building layers creates more of a fuller look. Always remember to set your foundation with a pressed or loose powder, either transparent (no colour) or a colour to match your foundation. This sets the face and will stop the foundation from moving ot coming off throughout your night. It will also stop and transfer, which is where you may accidentally put your cheek up against someone’s dress and it leaves a mark… not ideal haha.

The works of Makeup by Tahnii.                                     Model- Chelsea Freestone

Tip 3: Choosing eye shadows that compliment your eye colour. Referring to the colour wheel is a perfect way to determine what eye shadow shades compliment your eye colour. How the colour wheel works is that you find the colour of your eyes, and whatever colours are opposite that are the best colours for you. The colours either side are also good matches. When eye makeup is applied from the colour harmony chart, it looks calming and not over dramatic, giving a flawless and well blended look as all the colours in that area compliment each other. For example, people with light blue eyes look best with warm oranges and burnt red colours, and green eyes look best with purples. I have a blog post here about how to apply basic eyeshadow. This is a great blog to read if you’re wanting to know how to apply eyeshadow. Intensify the colours by building up application for a night look.

Tip 4: Ensure your foundation doesn’t contain some vital ingredients.
Foundations, including liquids, creams, and powders that have silica, mica titanium oxide or dioxide (spf) shouldn’t be worn for evening and special occasion makeup as they give flashback when photos are taken. This means that when flash is used in photography, it makes your face bright and white. It can also make people look oily in their T-zone.

Tip 5: Match foundation to your neck, not face or hand.
A common mistake made by people in today’s generation is matching their foundation to their hand. Unfortunately your hand colour is not the same colour of your face and neck purely because they are different body areas, are exposed to different sunlight and have different textures. Get the sales assistant in the store to hygienically apply a few different shades of the foundation on your jaw line and see which one blends in perfectly. You should do this when you are the colour you want to be for your leavers dinner (don’t go and do this before your spray tan because you’ll be a different colour on the night)

Main note from Tahnii: 

“Hygiene is so important!
Always make sure your makeup artist is using disposable mascara wands, not double dipping into product, scraping product onto a sanitised surface and not from its original container, and not ever blowing on brushes or lashes.
I’ve witnessed this happening first-hand lately and it makes me ashamed and scared to be in this industry with inexperienced freelancers who are amazing at makeup but who do not understand the importance of safety when applying your products.
The last thing you want is an infection. Herpes simplex, styes, conjunctivitis, staph, are all real possibilities that you want to stay away from.
Don’t use testers from shops on your face. Don’t buy second hand mascara or lipgloss or anything with its own applicator on buy and sell pages.
Do feel free and empowered by questioning your artist on her hygiene practices and leave if you’re not happy. You’re entitled to your health.”14681804_1213153952061156_4498491854976255284_n
If you’re interested in seeing some of Tahnii’s amazing work, head over to her Facebook
page here and direct message her for specific questions/bookings. She is so highly trained amd amazing at what she does, and the fact that she takes so much care in her hygiene practice is so important

Tahnii’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeupbytahnii/
Tahnii’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbytahnii/posts/

Alimay Beauty Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alimay_beauty/

Thanks for reading,

Ali xxxxxxx


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