Hello Hair & Trefiel mask review!

Hey guys and welcome back! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA these last few weeks, I’ve had a hectic time moving house. But I’m back now and ready to hit you all up with some quality content and a very exciting review today!

I was lucky enough to get sent some amazing products from a local Tassie girl, Chloe-Rose, who is the owner and creator of Chloe-Rose hairstyling.


Chloe is a highly experienced senior hairdresser who has been in the industry for 7 years, and has just come back with bigger and better goals after having her first child. Chloe’s passion has always been hairdressing, and after taking time away from the beauty industry for some time she regained her passion while feeding her son at 3am, as she found herself watching youtube tutorials during this time!

“Hairstyling is something I just love, I thrive off the creativity it gives me and also just being involved in someone’s special day and having the ability to make them happy about how they look.”- Chloe-Rose.

Chloe is now an official stockist of Hello Hair products and Trefiel Masks, which can be found on her website www.chloerosehairstyling.com, and she sent me samples of the shampoo, conditioner and the hydrating trefiel face mask.


“The collagen-boosting kick your skin’s ben begging for. 4 incredible sheet mask formulas with love from us, to you.”


These masks now come in brightening, moisturising, firming, and repairing, so depending on your skin type and concerns; there is a mask for you. I was sent the moisturising mask by Chloe, which I found worked really well with my skin care needs. The mask comes in a simply designed pocket with the Trefiel logo on the front, and the mask itself was split into a top and bottom section, so that the consumer can make the mask fit perfectly to their needs. They are a super slimy texture and have a lace design to them, which if you look on Instagram models look super cute in them!! Me on the other hand look like a bloody zombie, ahahah!! I looked so bad that I couldn’t even upload a photo because I am too embarrassed, however when I did have the mask on I was laying back and relaxing cause it felt so nice. Overall I am happy with how they made my skin feel.

Hello Hair

Hello Hair is an international hair care company stocking high quality shampoo, conditioner, masks and silk pillows to keep your hair in the best condition possible. Formulated with no parabens, no sulphates, no harsh detergents, no silicon, no synthetic fragrances, and being vegan friendly, you are guaranteed to see lock-changing results. The products are packed full of nourishing oils and botanical extracts, formulated to re-vitalise and rehydrate all hair types. Not only this, but its safe to use on colour-treated or chemically treated hair; and also on human hair extensions.

I thought my best way to review these products was by eliminating all hair care from my routine and only using these 2 products so I can really determine if they live up to their hype.

some of the Hello Hair products that Chloe-Rose has for sale on her website (not my image)

Wash 1:
Today my hair is feeling quite well maintained, due to the fact that I’ve been treating my hair to some really high quality products. I was super excited to finally try these products! The smell is incredible; it’s like super fruity and natural. It’s so hard to explain a smell but it’s so similar to the Kevin Murphy products I’m currently using. Kevin Murphy’s ingredients are super similar to those of Hello Hair, but Kevin Murphy is literally 3 times the price of Hello Hair. The product felt really good when applying; the shampoo lathered really well which I personally find so satisfying, and I know I’m getting a good wash when it lathers well, haha!! The conditioner felt super soft and luxurious in my hair and that’s something I really look for in hair products. I normally use a lot of conditioner when washing my hair but because these were only small samples I had to limit my amount using. If I had a full bottle I would have used more and I think my hair would have been that bit softer and hydrated when dried. I was super happy with the smell and overall texture of the products and how they worked!

the gorgeous Ashy Bines promoting Hello Hair

Wash 2:

I wash my hair every second day due to the oiliness through my scalp, but to be completely honest, my hair was nowhere near as oily as it usually is. This is huge for me as washing my hair is such a draining process as there is so much to wash… Haha!! The smell is still so amazing and smells so high quality still. Once dried, I had the same results as the first wash and was super happy! I honestly can’t tell a difference between this and my Kevin Murphy products.

@CHLOEROSEHAIRSTYLING treating herself to the Hello Hair mask

Wash 3: Honestly, I’m so satisfied. Hello Hair is definitely my next hair care purchase, and what better way to do it than supporting a small business!
Thank you so much Chloe for sending me these amazing products to review and share with you all through the power of social media. If you have any other questions regarding these products that I haven’t covered, feel free to shoot me through a comment on here or a message on Instagram, and do the same to Chloe @chloerosehairstyling.

Love ali xxxxx


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