Laser Hair Removal-My Experience

Four months ago I decided to take the leap of faith and bare the unbearable, and undergo laser hair removal through Laser Clinics Australia. Since opening in 2008, Laser Clinics Australia is one of the top cosmetic treatment and laser therapy clinics within the country. A few of their high end and most popular treatments include laser hair removal, cosmedical grade peels, skin needling, lip fillers and acne scar reduction. After doing a fair bit of research, Laser Clinics Australia is one of the most affordable clinics on the market for what they offer.



What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure which involves a high beam light being directed onto the skin and connecting with the hair follicle. The light is attracted to the pigment, and the hair absorbs the beam, which destroys the hair. The procedure is performed approximately every 3-4 weeks to ensure the hair is zapped in the prime of its hair cycle, which is ideally when the hair is still attached to the bulb.

How long does one session take?

Depending on the area being treated, laser hair removal can take anywhere between 5 minutes and 25 minutes. Each pulse of light that is emitted captures numerous hairs at the one time, therefore it is very quick. For a Brazilian and an underarm treatment, it takes a total of 8 minutes. However the treatment is allocated 15 minute time slots to allow time for preparing the skin/freshening up, explaining the procedure, product recommendations, answering any questions, up-selling, and rebooking.

Does it hurt?

Not going to lie guys, all my blog posts are 100% little old me telling you exactly how I like/don’t like things, and heck this is painful. Like I think it would be less painful than having a baby, but still. Its like getting flicked with a rubber band really hard with the direct heat from a hairdryer added in. It burns! And you’ve legit got to sit there with your legs open to a random chick, so if you’re self conscious I would not recommend. However, the pain is over and done with so quickly! The results that I’ve got from just 4 treatments is so amazing and I couldn’t recommend suffering through the 5 minutes of pain to get a lifetime of hair-free skin!

How many treatments will it take me?

How many treatments it will take you depends on your skin type/colour and your hair colour/thickness/texture. The fairer the skin and the darker the hair gives best results as the light can clearly see the pigment of the dark hair follicle. After approximately 6-10 treatments there will no longer be any build up of hair growth waiting to come through therefore hair will no longer grow permanently.

How much is it?

Prices will vary depending on which clinic you go to, however Laser Clinics Australia aaaalllwwwaaayyysss have sales, so I have never paid full price for any services. The regular pricing for Brazilian and underarm is $59 at LCA, however I have managed to get a few treatments pre paid at buy one get one free and also both treatments for $35. Personally, being in the beauty industry and previous experience, this form of hair removal is a lot more affordable compared to waxing. A Brazilian wax can range from $30 to $90 per treatment depending on the quality of the salon, and most treatments need to be done between 4 and 8 weeks and the hair grows back at only the slightest bit thinner. Waxing is a lot more painful than laser and takes longer to perform the treatment.

How is this different to waxing?

Waxing is performed by applying a hot sticky substance with the hair growth, waiting for it to dry, and then ripping off against the hair growth to pull it from the bulb. This can only be performed in small sections also, so that the therapist has control over the skin and so it doesn’t hurt of potentially bruise the client. However, laser hair removal is a light beam that projects into the skin and captures onto the pigment of the hair, burning it to ensure that cyce of growth no longer forms. The hair is not physically ripped or pulled out, however it is just left to die and then wait 3 weeks for the next cycle to start forming to proceed the cycle. With waxing, the hair needs to be a certain length before it can be waxed off to ensure the wax has enough to hold on to. With laser however, you can shave between treatments and shaving is necessary before treatments to ensure the hair on the outside doesn’t become burnt.

Contraindications to laser hair removal:

A contraindication is a factor that restricts the treatment from going ahead. For laser hair removal, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration before and after the treatment.

  • the skin can not be sunburnt or damaged in any way
  • there can not be any fake tan in or around the area- this can be dangerous as the light picks up darkness on the skin and can burn the area
  • hair must be shaved
  • hair cannot be waxed or tweezed approximately 6 weeks before the first session. This ensures the hair is fully attached to the bulb.
  • no creams can be used prior. Most clinics will give you baby or alcohol wipes to freshen up and remove moisturiser
  • can not be in direct sunlight for approximately 4 days prior to treatment. This is because the skin is extremely fragile and is already holding a lot of heat from the machine.
  • No swimming, sex, or intense exercise. The skin is extremely irritated prior to the treatment and partaking in any of these activities can cause bacterial infections and serious irritation to the skin. Sweat also going into the open and fragile pores can cause a medical condition called folliculitis, which is where pimple-like blisters appear on the area due to an infection of bacteria in the hair follicle. A doctors prescription is needed to get rid of this condition and can last numerous weeks.
  • Can not be pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Can cause serious birth defects.

Overall, I’ve been so happy with my experience getting laser and I will continue to get it for as long as I have to. The therapists are so lovely and so highly educated which makes me so confident in them.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little insight into laser hair removal, and if you have any other questions please feel free to comment below or send me a message via instagram!


Ali xxxxxx


please note, this blog post is in no way sponsored by Laser Clinics Australia. All posts by myself are 100% my personal opinion.


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