All about colour correcting 

Ever walked into a makeup store or chemist and seen a green concealer and thought ‘what the bloody hell is that used for and where on earth do I put it?’ Well today I’m going to teach you how to use those odd-looking concealers properly without looking like you are Shrek’s twin sister.

How does it work?

Colour correction works by using colour theory. This is a technical way of saying that when looking at a colour wheel, the colour that represents your skin issue is the colour that is used to correct it. It’s that simple!

Green: Neutralises redness, such as acne, sunburn, breakouts, and broken capillaries.

Peach: counteracts blue and purple, such as dark under eyes and bruising. Works best on fair/light skin.

Pink: Brightens the eye area and hides tiredness, which causes puffiness. Use in the inner corners of the eyes, brow bone and the eyelids.

Yellow: Helps neutralise pigmentation and dark sport (such as moles) on fair/light skin.

Orange: Counteracts blue and purple tones on dark skin, in particular the dark circles under the eyes, veins, and also tattoos. Pat gently around the eye area to avoid pulling the skin.

How do I apply colour correcting concealer?

Colour correcting concealers are applied just as you would any other usual concealer! I personally like to use a clean concealer brush or spatula to de pot my product, and then gently warm it up by mixing it lightly, and then gently patting onto my face. I then like to use my finger to lightly tap it into the skin, and then finally using a damp beauty blender to make it look seamless and blended.

Do I apply before or after foundation?

When you apply your colour correcting concealers is up to the individual. I was taught at school to do moisturiser, primer, and then colour correcting before moving onto foundation, however it can be done after foundation. I have found that when i colour correct after foundation there isn’t as much to cover which means i use less product on my face, which is always a winner.


How much should I use?

Please for the love of god only use a tiny amount of these concealers!! Less is more. If you use too much the colour will show through and heck girl it is not pretty! One ‘swatch’ of concealer for each area to cover is more than enough, and if you need more after applying more foundation, just apply a tiny bit more and repeat the process.


Ok, so do I still use normal concealer?

Yes! So once applying your colour correcting concealers and blending them out, you want to use your normal skin coloured/undereye concealer to help for fill the complete coverage look.  Blend this out as usual and see those imperfections vanish!


What CCC’s does AlimayBeauty recommend?

Depending on your budget, there are a mixture of both high end and drug store colour correcting pallets and individual concealers on the market. In terms of high end, I would recommend the Stila Correct and Perfect Pallet (which i own and LOVE) aswell as the BECCA Backlight Targetted Colour Corrector pots, and the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid. In terms of drug store correctors, i would recommend the Models Prefer Unbelievable Colour Correcting Palette, the Austrais 4-in-1 Concealer Correct tub, and the LA Girl Cosmetics corrector shade tubes.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this has helped at least one person know how to help cover those dark under eye circles better.


Ali xxxxx

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