Mini Mecca haul

hey guuyyysss and welcome back to AlimayBeauty blog!

Today i went on a little spending splurge at every gals favourite store- Mecca Maxima!
I have been saving so hard lately to fill my bank account back up after moving to Melbourne nearly a year ago and spending big on apartment furniture, decorations, food, living stuff, school supplies, and of cause, food, therefore there has been no room for extra spending in Mecca (sad react only). But with having the family over on the weekend and having a few days off school i thought why the hell not treat ma self. And that I did.

Since it’s become winter here in Australia, my skin colour has gone beyond pasty. Like I’m talking as white as my sister (sorry Maddie), and LITERALLY (insert Michael Finch voice) none of my ‘fair’ foundations have been pale enough. Now, i could go and save money by purchasing custom colour drops from Australis or the Body Shop but ugh, if I’m going to be this colour for the rest of the season I might as well invest in a full size product. Trying to convince myself to try an foundation that is not Arbonne is very hard as its my holy grail, however numerous friends and the staff at Mecca had all guided me towards Nars face products. They are very suitable for those gals wanting that medium to full buildable coverage, and for those with combination/oily skin as they have a satin to matte finish. After a lot of sampling colours and tossing up between sheer glow and all day luminous, i decided to reach for sheer glow in the shade mont blanc (light 2), to match my neck.  I am also nearly out of my primer so i thought i would match my foundation by getting one of the new Nars primers too. I went for the smooth and protect primer, which is designed to even out your skin tone and brighten the overall complexion from within.


These last few days have been a bit sad in my apartment as my beloved Hoola bronzer has run out. Well, I lie, theres still product but its stuck to the sides and i can not get my brush in there :(. But in all honesty, I’ve had that bronzer for aaaaggeesss so its definitely been worth its money.  I was pretty convinced that when i went in to Mecca i would walk out with the new Nars Laguna bronzer, but when asking for recommendations from the girls working, they all suggested the Stila Stay All Day bronzer for face and body. TBH when they first said that i was shocked cause 1) I’ve never heard of it, 2) I’ve never seen or heard any blogger or youtubers review it, and 3) is anything really better than Nars?? But the girls were wearing it and their contour looked incredible so they showed it to me and i was kind of like yep ok ill take it, hahaha! They all reckon that Stila is such an underrated brand and as soon as people start trying the product and listening to the MUA’s recommendations it will blow up and be sold out everywhere. And you know what? My god were they right! This bronzer is incredible, like so incredible. Believe it or not, I reckon its better than Hoola. I got shade medium cause i tan quite often but its still nice enough to wear when I’m fair. The size of this is huge as well, and for $53, the price really isn’t that bad for what you get, especially when Stila is 15 grams and Hoola is 8 grams. Like what do you mean? Literally nearly double in size! The picture below is the comparison between my Stila bronzer and Hoola bronzer. The Stila bronzer went on so much easier and feels so much more buttery.  If you’re after a new bronzer, GET THIS.

Stila stay all day bronzer on top, Hoola by Benefit on bottom

Ive always really liked Frank Body coffee scrubs but never really been drawn to try their face/skin care products. Im pretty happy with the current skin care products I’m using however, I can never really say no to a new lip balm as i wear it every day. This particular day I had been in a shopping centre all day with the heaters blasting so my lips were suuuuper dry, and thought i might as well try it. For $9.95, its really not that crash hot. The texture is really thick and hard to apply. To get it to a good consistency to apply you kind of have to warm it up in your fingers before applying and that still isn’t the best. When looking for a lip balm, I want something thats going to apply easy and not pull on my lips, especially when they’re cracked this is so uncomfortable.  I won’t be re purchasing this, but will definitely get the Mario Badescu lip wax again, which is only $6 and soooo much better.

And there you have it guys! My mini Mecca Maxima haul! If you have an recommendations of products to buy in the near future, please let me know cause I’m always looking for recommendations and what you guys think is worth the money!!

Ali xx



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